I am Conni Biesalski, 33, lover of a free life, yoga, surfing and a plant-based nutrition.

I created Planet Backpack, wrote a book and co-founded Blog Camp.

One day, after hitting rock bottom several times and going through a lot of inner healing, I fell in love with myself, my food and my body through a vegan yogi lifestyle. This has been the most profound and magical personal revolution of my existence. 

I believe in…

  • holistic lifestyle design
  • slow travel as a spiritual experience
  • connecting with our bodies and souls through healthy clean eating, meditation and yoga
  • opening our hearts through healing and connecting to ourselves

On this website, I share my spiritual soul journey.

For us, roots have a different meaning and being grounded is a process of looking inside,
not a matter of where we are.

We are the roots, and we are deeply rooted in Mama Earth around the globe.

— Layla El Khadri at barefootwild.com

Let’s go deeper…

I grew up in a small town in Bavaria, Germany until I was 15. Then my nomadic life started.

Since then I have lived, worked and travelled all around the world. First, as an analog nomad, then as a scuba dive instructor and since 2012 as a location-independent online entrepreneur.

That same year, triggered by a painful breakup, put me on my journey to self-discovery. It led me to find my own personal truth and onto the next step: living this truth. How? By bringing my true nature and values into alignment.

I went from not knowing what to do with my life and how to make a living without making myself miserable to starting my own location-independent business. 

This business turned into Germany’s most popular travel blog with more than 130.000 readers a month. It’s insane.

One day I also wrote a book, which has now helped hundreds of people transition into their own idea of a digital nomad life.

In the meantime, my self-discovery led me through deep heartbreaks and right into the arms of yoga, meditation and a healthy lifestyle.

I finally realised how important it is to honour my physical existence. I started to be grateful for my body and every single cell that carries me through this world and keeps me healthy. I transitioned from a lifetime as a not-very-healthy vegetarian to being a completely plant-based vegan with a clean and natural diet. 

From gin tonics, cigarettes and other drugs to smoothies, superfoods and water fasting.

I abstain from caffein, sugar, gluten, most alcohol and processed foods as much as possible. Instead I like to feed myself with natural and fresh ingredients: fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains and nuts and seeds.

I finally learned to honour my body and make it feel amazing every single day.

Transitioning to a plant-based whole food diet has completely changed my life. 

On my journey, I also discovered and connected to my spiritual Yin energy. Most of my life I neglected the feminine part of myself, was ashamed of it and unaware of its role in my life. Then I learned about self-love and self-care and how beautiful it is to embrace spirituality. 

Whereas I felt alone and rejected most of my life – an emotional wound that was deeply rooted in myself – I now finally feel connected to the universe and to love.

I had to go through a lot of healing, do a lot of inner work to arrive where I am at today. I worked through my painful past and released limiting beliefs. I shed a lot of tears, went through emotional agony and was desperate to heal myself. I hit rock bottom many times. Lying on the floor, hitting my head against the wall, screaming from pain in my heart? I’ve been there over and over again. But I didn’t give up. 

Today I am grateful for what this pain has taught me. It allowed me to arrive at home within myself. 

By the way:

I am gay and adore women. I am a cancer. I am a minimalist and own very little. 

My mission:
Help free spirits connect to their soul and live their own personal truth by embracing holistic healing based on yoga, plant-based nutrition, energy work and spirituality.